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Become a USHPA Certified paragliding pilot

P1 Certification


The P1 certification program is designed to introduce you to the joys of paragliding. The program requires approximately 2 days of training and will provide you with the USHPA P1 (Beginner) certification.

One Day  ( fee - contact the shop)
 8 hours
A one day lesson is a great way to give paragliding a try if you're not already sure. We will cover equipment, launch techniques, pre-flight checks, and basic flying skills. You will fly solo when you and your instructor think it's appropriate!


Two Day (P1) ( fee- contact the shop)
2 Days
Our two day course will progress you through your Beginner (P1) rating. We will cover all the same material as in the One Day course but you will gather experience, work on your ground handling skills, basic ground school topics, acquire the Novice (P2) syllabus, and take the Beginner (P1) test. At the end of two days you should have close to 20 flights from our training hill, membership in the national organization, and your Beginner (P1) certification! 


P1 (Beginner)


This program takes you from your first day of learning to the point where you can launch and land a paraglider with confidence in simple soaring conditions. The program provides emphasis:

  • Ground Handling Skills (kiting, canopy control, cross wind, light wind, and strong winds, inflation and deflation techniques)

  • Launching (Forward and Reverse)

  • Landing (Aircraft style approaches, Figure 8’s, S-turns)

  • Flying Skills (flat turns, banked turns, flight at trim speed, minimum sink, best glide)

  • Understanding of:

    • Preflight Checklists

    • Aerodynamics

    • Meteorology

    • Equipment maintenance & care

    • Risk Management

    • Site Analysis & Flight Planning

    • Flying in lift, sink, thermals, turbulence

P2 Certification

( fee - contact the shop)


The P2 certification program builds upon the fundamentals introduced in the P1 program. The program is based on an extensive 160 hour curriculum, which most students complete in 4 days.  The training includes advanced ground handling, lots of classroom and theory sessions, hours of airtime under radio supervision with an instructor.  


P2 (Novice)


This certification program builds on the skills of the P1 certification to the point that you are a capable and qualified pilot. Ocean To Skies P2 program will teach you the fundamentals of flight and provide you with the skills, knowledge and ability to make decisions as the Pilot in Command. The 4 day program will provide you with beginner and intermediate training in launching, landing, soaring flights, thermal flights, basic cross country skills

  •  Classroom theory on topics such as:

    • Basic & advanced meteorology, aerodynamics, site analysis, flight planning, equipment, risk management, flight maneuvers & dynamics, ridge soaring, thermal flight, cross country flights, and many more.

  •  Field instruction include:

    • Basic & advanced launch techniques, landing techniques, reserve usage & deployments, advanced ground handling, speed control, turning, etc.

  •  Flight instruction include:

    • Turning

    • Basic and advanced flight maneuvers

    • Flights in wind, ridge soaring, and dynamic lift, mountain flights in thermals, beginner cross country training

    • Flights on the coast, in the mountains, and from tow winches weather permitting

    • Guided instruction that simulates in flight canopy malfunctions (asymmetric deflation, symmetric deflation and rear riser steering)

    • Descent techniques (big ears, whip stalls, crabbing, accelerated flights)

Torrey Pines Gliderport


Address: 2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037

Phone : 1 (858) 452-9858

Kagel- Sylmar Paragliding


Address: 12601 Gridley St, Sylmar, CA 91342

Phone : 1 (818) 362-9978

Marshall Paragliding San Bernardino


Address: 5500 Ben Canyon Rd, San Bernardino, CA 92407

Phone : 1 (909) 338-3362

Lake Elsinore Paragliding


Address: 15885 Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

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