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Meet our instructors!

Sehwa Park 

 Course Director

Certified as an Open Water Diver in 1987 and continued his education toward Dive master in 1993.  After working on dive shop as a owner for a number of years decided to become a NAUI Instructor in 1994. Bcame an instructor which lead to becoming a NAUI Course Director in 2011 and a RAID Trainer in 2014.

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Joon Kwak

Master Instructor, Owner

USHPA Paragliding ,Tandem Instructor

NAUI / RAID  Instructor. CASI Instructor

Joon began his fight career and dive career right here in Southern California since 1993 which lead to becoming a USHPA instructor and a NAUI instructor. He loves  Discover the Wonders of Nature. He became a CASI snowboard instructor in 2016.


Joon is a true lover of the nature. Whether it's frying, diving, free diving, spearfishing, boating, or snowboarding. His passion and goal is to share his love, excitement and knowledge with his students while creating a fun and most importantly safe learning environment. Join his adventure world!

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Keunjae Choi

Master Instructor

Certified as an Open Water Diver in 1994 and 

Became a NAUI Instructor in 1999.

Keunjae has been training divers for almost 20 years.


Love the California coast waters. Love diving in the beautiful kelp forests

throughout the Channel Islands.
Avid beach diver. Love to diving for abalone.

  We have world class diving in California.

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Benjamin Lee

Master Instructor

Certified as an Open Water Diver in 1998 and continued his education toward NAUI assistant instructor in 1999. 

The love for the underwater world led him to becoming a RAID Instructor in 2016 so that I could share this "other" world with as many people as possible.

Anais Jungha Kim

Master Instructor

I began my diving career right here in Southern California in 2009 and

since then have become hooked.

I have found myself more at peace underwater then above water. Diving can be a life changing experience and for me it was.

 I decided to become an Instructor and

I am loving it! I'm a badass instructor!

Come join me and the rest of the crew at Ocean To Skies. let's go diving!

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Jason Chung

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Certified as an Open Water Diver in 2011 and became a NAUI instructor.

My first dive made me realize that there is a whole other world to explore just a few feet below the surface. Started out free diving and eventually moved to scuba.

 Although I often dive off the Islands of Catalina, Anacapa, and the other local islands, my dive buddies and I frequently dive many of the local beaches.

In my free time I enjoy spear fishing and free diving, and often hunts the Malibu coastline. 

I'm an avid lobster diver!

 Come let us change your world!

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Noella Chung

Assistant Instructor

Certified as an Open Water Diver in 2016 and continued her education toward NAUI assistant instructor in 2017. 

She fell in love with scuba,immediately

moving on to her Advanced course.

She jumped at the chance to dive every weekend, and ultimately decided to share her love of scuba and the ocean with others.

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Jake Lee


Certified as an Open Water Diver in 2018 and continued his education toward NAUI assistant instructor in 2020. 

 He takes any and every opportunity to get in the water.

He loves diving!


Henry aka Hadi Golian

USHPA #64857 / USHPA Master

USHPA ADV / Instructor /Tandem

USHPA Instructor / Tandem Administrator

PPG Instrutor

 He has instructed many pilots achieve their dreams of flight in a fun, safe, and challenging learning environment.

He is a founder of ParaCalifornia.

ParaCalifornia has grown into a full-fledged fight school.

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